Speaker Stand Rental

If you plan on renting speakers for your event try  elevating them to reach a wider audience.  Our lightweight and durable speaker stands can be placed just about anywhere and work for any occasion.

Top off the stands with a pair of QSC K series 1000 watt speakers. They are light and can fit in most vehicles.  In addition, the speakers have the option for deeper bass and a vocal boast.

Complete the speaker stand and speaker rental with a wireless microphone system.  Our technicians can show you how easy they are to operate.  A wireless handheld microphone is great for your next speaking event in Melbourne.

Brevard County Speaker Stand Rental

Easy to set up.








Rez Pro can cover your sound needs for your: weddings, public address, corporate events, new employee introduction holiday party, and birthday party.

Drop us a line at info@rezpro321.com and we will gladly assist you with your speaker stand rental.

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