Microphone Rental

Our Melbourne location offers a wide variety of microphones to rent.  We have great microphones for speaking events and can provide a band with a live sound microphone package. We have covered a wide variety of musicians, event coordinators, keynote speakers and professional businesses throughout Central Florida and Orlando.

Wireless Handheld Microphones

We have wireless handheld microphones that are great for speaking events where the speaker wants to walk around the room.  Wireless microphones also come in handy for Q & A sections with a panel and a crowd.

Microphones available to rent:

SM 58 – great all-around microphone, most commonly used for singers or speaking

SM 57 – commonly used for mic’ing guitar amps, great for snare drums and used for percussion and horns

e604 – a clip on mic, most commonly used on drum toms.  Some audio engineers use the e604 on the snare drum.

Beta 52 – this large diaphragm mic is great for kick drums and mic’ing up a speaker on a bass cabinet.

PG81 –  used for drum overheads, hi-hats

We are constantly adding to our inventory. If you don’t see a microphone listed here, there’s a good chance we can get it. Drop us a line at info@rezpro321.com

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