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QSC KW Speaker Rental Package

The QSC KW Series loudspeaker is superior in performance to other brands on the market.  The QSC KW Series features a four-position mic / line gain switch that allows for connection of a wide variety of devices. Combo XLR and 1/4″ TRS inputs accept both mic and line level input.  The speakers are easy to set up and provide great sound reinforcement for any room.

Speaker Rental Melbourne, Florida

QSC Speaker Rental

We rent small size PAs for local weekend gigs and larger PAs for festivals and events.  Pick up a pair of QSC KW 153 tops and a QSC KW 181 subwoofer and impress at your next performance.

Line Array System Rental

Rent a line array system for your next gig or event from Rez Pro. Our audio technicians can orient the line array to provide balanced sound focused at your audience.  Even a small line array can make an impact.

Line Array and Speaker Rental Central Florida

Line Array Rental

When it comes to live sound in Central Florida, Rez Pro does it right.

DJ Sound Equipment Rental

Rent DJ or sound equipment for your next event: Weddings, Night Clubs, Private Party, Corporate Event, Work Celebration, Music Performances

DJ Sound Rental Speaker Rental Central Florida

DJ Sound and Speaker Rental

Get the right equipment for your event.  Our QSC KW 153 tops are lightweight, easy to connect from your device, and provide great balanced sound.  A complimentary QSC KW 181 sub provides great low end response to keep the dance floor grooving all night.  For large events, Rez Pro will deliver, set up and strike the gear.

Powered Speakers and Subwoofer Package Rental

Our featured QSC KW powered speakers and subwoofer package is perfect for performers of many events.  Our speaker and sub package is ideal for a band playing a corporate event or special gig, a DJ entertaining guests at a wedding or a speaking engagement with audio playback.  Our QSC speaker and subwoofer rental package is great for bands or entertainers who don’t want to commit and purchase a speaker system of their own and don’t have to worry about finding space to store the equipment when it’s not in use.

Microphone Rental

Speaker and Stand Rental


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