Radio Rental

Your production isn’t complete without a set of reliable radios.  Radios simplify communication efforts at an event and limit the need to depend on text messages from event organizers.  In addition, your team of workers can all know what’s going on simply by making one radio call. 

Radio Rental Melbourne, Florida

Simplify communication at your event.

Rent up to 6 radios for your next show.  Our Motorola radios available for rent come with a charging station.

Daily Rental Rate: $10 per radio


A-Frame Ladder Rental

If you need extreme height at your event, pick up an A-Frame ladder from Rez Pro.  Our A-Frame ladder is rented by clients looking to hang show banners in places where a common 6 foot or 10 foot ladder will not reach. 

Daily Rental Rate: $35

A Frame Ladder Rental Melbourne

Cone Rental

Are you having an event where you need an area blocked off.  Rent a set of heavy duty traffic cones from Rez Pro.

Daily Rental Rate: $5 per cone

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